Staple Beautiful Dresses - Why A Dress Is A Must-Have In Your Capsule Wardrobe


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Staple Beautiful Dresses - Why A Dress Is A Must-Have In Your Capsule Wardrobe
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4 Styles of Dresses you should have in your Capsule Wardrobe

There are numerous styles and types of dresses on the market. OwnMuse will simplify it for you.
These are the 4 styles of dresses you need in your capsule wardrobe:
1. Form Fitting Dress
2. Shift Dress
3. Casual Day Dress
4. Day to Night Dress

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Why buy a black capsule wardrobe dresses?

You should see a black dress as an outfit base.
Black matches with every texture, pattern and colour you might have. This makes it the ideal base for your daily outfits.
Black looks good on all skin types, black is the most flattering fashion colour. Sophisticated and timeless a black dress will far outlast any other colour dress you could own.
How to add colour to your black dress base:
  • Shoes
  • A bag
  • Jacket
  • Jewellery
  • Layer a sweater/shirt or t-shirt
  • Add colourful tights...

    Whether you are a seasoned capsule wardrobe expert or new to the term a dress is a wardrobe staple.
    Discover - Fashionpedia - ''The visual dictionary of fashion design.
    This book is the most informative technical book for fashion design on the planet.
    The technical fashion illustrations are a work of art and the content helpful, clear and hugely beneficial to my own personal style. Written and illustrated in a clear concise manner. This is a must-own book for anyone into fashion and style.
    These 4 styles are the ones OwnMuse has chosen.
    Dresses are amazing and personal. There is no right and wrong dress style-wise.
    A capsule wardrobe dress makes mornings a breeze, it will eliminate that feeling 'I have a wardrobe of clothes and nothing to wear'. A black dress makes mixing and matching easy. 


    4 Styles of Dresses you should have in your Capsule Wardrobe

    1. Form Fitting Dress

    A form-fitting dress follows the curves of your body. The garment is created to flatter and for the wearer to be proud of their shape.
    Whether you are petite, curvy or straight up and down this style of dress will work for you. Often curvy forms should gravitate to stretchy fabrics. Keep scrolling for where to shop for all sizes.

    Form fitted Dresses - Capsule Wardrobe Dress

    Long Sleeve Dress | Badgley 

    2. Shift Dress

    A shift dress is a dress that hangs from your shoulders straight done. It is shaped in the bust area by darts, pleats sewn in the fabric to create form.
    Flattering style of dress on all body types, adjust the waits line according to shape and adjust the hem length according to your height.
    Often featuring a high neck or boat neck. A shifty dress is less fitting than a figure formed dress, creating an elegant silhouette.
    Wear your shift dress for office wear, daywear and casual wear. Change the way you style your shift dress through your shoes, jackets and accessories.

    Shift Dresses - Capsule Wardrobe Dress

    Pleat Shift Dress | Victoria Victoria Beckham

    3. Casual Day Dress

    The little black casual day dress, it's dependable, classy and cool.
    Works with sneakers, ankle boots, sandals and slingback shoes.
    Often made in a stretch comfortable fabric and features details such as pockets, hoods and other decorative elements.

     RtA Bailey - Black hood hoodie casual day dress

    Hooded Casual Day Dress | RtA Bailey


    4. Day to Night Dress

    Wardrobe saver - the dress that can convert from day time to night time is the slip dress. Literally, transform for you from casual daywear to sophisticated nightwear.
    Introducing the slip dress, a spaghetti strappy 90's style grunge influenced black slightly tailored dress. Often in a satin, silk fabric.
    Wear as it, layer a t-shirt underneath for a truly 90's style, add ankle boots, take this dress into 2020 it's a keeper.

    Derek Lam - Cami flounce black dress

    Cami Flounce Dress | Derek Lam

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    A dress makes a woman feel confident, feminine and embrace the feeling of empowerment. 6 Multi-purpose Black Dress Shopping Edits

    1. Day to Night Dress - Karen Millen

    Karen Millen is the number 1 go-to option for most women when dress shopping. Be warned dresses sell out a lightning speed.
    Karen Millen creates well made, cut and beautiful fabrics it's no wonder they sell so quickly.

    Karen Millen - Forever black dress

    Forever Dress | Karen Millen



    2. All Season Dress - Nique

    This dress can be worn through Summer and Winter, the perfect layering piece. You can wear a long-sleeve underneath in colder months.
    Capsule wardrobe buying serves a purpose. You buy key fashion pieces that you are going to wear over and over. 
    A black dress is a perfect base, you can create many different looks and outfits from this one basic item. 
    Add your own personality through accent colours and playful accessories, jackets, bags and shoes.
    This 'Kane' dress by Nique is the perfect example of dependant fashion essential perfect for capsule wardrobes.

    Nique - Black Kane Dress

    Kane Ruched Dress | Nique

    3. Office to Casual Dress - alice + olivia

    3/4 sleeve black shift dress by alice + olivia - dare to stand out and be able to blend in.
    A dress that does it all and can be all things at once.
    Change the purpose of this dress through shoes, for the office reach for ankle boots, pumps or a slingback shoe. for a more casual style add sneakers or flat sandals.

    Shift Dress | alice + olivia


    4. Day to Special Occasion Dress - Zimmermann

    This is one of those dresses that you will remember wearing. You will be able to transport back to moments in life and remember this dress made you feel happy, stylish and empowered.
    This black scallop neckline Zimmermann dress is a classic style and can be worn day or night, for a wedding, birthday party or to the beach. It really does it all!
    Why not try layering a silk camisole, cotton tank or wear with a scarf. There are many options to make this dress very versatile and create a large spectrum of capsule wardrobe outfits.Zimmermann - Heathers dress in black cotton linen -  Dresses Capsule Wardrobe Collection
    Cotton Dress | Zimmermann


    5. Shirt Dress aka Jacket
     - Nique

    Born and created for the stylish and for those who love well-designed clothes.
    A shirt dress can be repurposed to be worn open as a jacket. Wear your shirt dress over pants and jeans. Nique is a street smart brand that creates clothes you will wear over and over.
    This is the 'Mika' dress a timeless smart classic with a modern edge.
    Nique - Black Mika dress
    SHOP Nique mika shirt dress



    No other colour can offer so much wardrobe flexibility and possibilities.
    There are so many style options when you choose black as your base colour.
    Black clothes are the most flattering, black is a colour you must have in your wardrobe.
    Black is the most forgiving colour for clothes and suits all body shapes. 


    6. Office to Night Dress - Camilla and Marc

    What an incredible dress! This dress made me smile, a show stopper without being over the top. Sophisticated and classy. 
    Camilla and Marc create beautifully tailored garments, in the more lux fabrics available. 
    You will strike a becoming silhouette in this exquisite dress.
    Camilla and Marc - Black tuxedo tailored dress - Capsule Wardrobe Dresses
    Tuxedo Dress | Camilla and Marc


    You can match black with any other colour clothes in your wardrobe, any colour accessories, shoes, or bag!
    Yep, wear a black dress as a base and you can mix and match everything in your wardrobe - anything! 
    Black creates an outfit quickly and easily. 
    Black is easy to wear, able to be edgy or classic, sophisticated or minimalistic, sculptural and avant-garde, and always stylish.

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    For 8 more must-have capsule wardrobe black dresses.

    Make sure you have at least 2 black dresses in your capsule wardrobe you can rely on to wear and love - they are a wardrobe staple. This is an item you will wear a lot, it's important to enjoy wearing it.

    The Stylish Dress - Must-Have Wardrobe Staple - Black Dresses

    You can add contrasting colour/s if you wish through accessories, shoes or bags. 
    How to make shopping for a dress easy
    Shop online! Shopping for dresses online makes life so much easier. We love a site that offers free shipping and returns!!


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