The Best Cross Body Bags To Add To Your Wardrobe For All Occasions

When it comes to an everyday work bag I think designer, the minimalist eco-warrior in me has a moment of conflicting arms crossed agitation. But I have a weakness for designer bags blame my long history of working in fashion, from whilst living in London to Vogue.
I have designer bags that I have owned for over a decade that I look after and treasure. They are staples that I depend on over and over and buying quality means that they will hopefully one day become vintage heirlooms.
Vintage is an eco-fashion tick so maybe my love of designer bags isn't so sinful. 
Buy better and buy less. Buy better and waste less.
Before launching into some exciting shopping edits I need to mention that I have included affiliate links, at no cost to you should you purchase through a link then the brand may pay a commission, thank you for reading. Let's get to the edits.

The Best Cross-body Shoulder Bags For Everyday

Hansel & Gretel - Samson cross-body shoulder bag 

The Best Cross Body Bags For Any Occasion