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Universal Standard brings back limited-edition mystery boxes

Universal Standard brings back limited-edition mystery boxes

OwnMuse brings you the brands who we believe are making an impact on the world of fashion. Slow fashion pioneers in a still heavily saturated fast fashion dominated industry.
Who is Universal Standard? To get you up to fashion speed in case you don't already know. Universal Standard is a fashion brand started by two women, Polina and Alex who believed in a common goal. To provide fashion to all women through a sizing range that caters for size 00 - 40. 


About the Universal Standard sizes for all ethical and sustainable fashion....

Universal Standard pride themselves on substance and quality.
Bestsellers are the popular Geneva dress and Seine Denim.
Global shipping available.

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Universal Standard more reasons why OwnMuse supports them

Polina and Alex have developed "a revolutionary shopping program that allows you to buy for the size you are right now, in this moment" - www.universalstandard.com
Yes, what you are thinking is correct, if your sizes changes and your clothes no longer fit (inside a reasonable one-year time frame) any garments listed as participating in the 'Liberty Fit' program will be able to exchange for new clothes. Used clothes for new clothes for free!
What happens to returned clothing items? Do they go to landfill?
Your gentle worn clothes will earn themselves a second life. Gently worn clothes will be donated to unemployed homeless women who are seeking employment. 
Kemba Brown explains what a difference this made in her personal style and self-esteem when job searching, you can read the full article here. "I was told about their Fit Liberty program, and the donations that come out of it - donations that find homes with women like me. My outfit today is perfect for the occasion, and it is also mine and it feels good to call it mine." Dress for Success and First Step via Fit Liberty Program.
Forbes article here for future reading: Universal Standard's New Plus-Size 'Fit Liberty' Factors In Weight Fluctuations - Forbes.com
No landfill!
Eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable - high quality!


Liberty Fit - Universal Standard program

Having experienced working in fashion during all 4 pregnancy clothing that fits when pregnant that is not pregnancy clothing per se is every pregnant women's ultimate solution.
Clothing that you can wear anytime - when you’re pregnant, and when you’re not.
When your size changes, Universal Standard 'Liberty Fit' program enables you to replace your clothes, in your new size - for free.

Ownmuse.com loves Universal Standard's
Denim Drive - Blue Jeans Go Green

Buy a pair of our best-selling $90 jeans for just $25, and recycle your old jeans with Cotton’s Blue Jeans Go Green program.
  1. Purchase any pair of jeans in the size and colour you want for just $25. Use code "DENIMDRIVE19" (limit 1 order per customer)
  2. Pay just $12.50 for shipping (if your order is $100 or more, shipping is free!)
  3. Get your jeans in the mail with a packaging bag & shipping label to send your old jeans directly to Blue Jeans Go Green ™
(US Only)

  Denim Recycling in Australia

Denim Recycling in Australia

A professional clothes recycling centre 

King Cotton

locations or call to arrange a pickup


General Pants

General Pants offers a recycling service, bring your unwanted denim in to store. 
In the aim of keeping clothes out of landfill.

There is more...

For capsule wardrobe enthusiasts, 
Universal Standard's 8-Piece Starter Kit
Universal Standard's Best Sellers Kit

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This post may contain affiliate links. Please see the disclosure for more information.

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