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How to put together aesthetic outfits

Ready for an effortless and stylish wardrobe that…

turns clothes in to outfits you love to wear, even before you have had a sip of coffee.

When you effortlessly piece items of clothing together and create an outfit you feel good in, this is an aesthetic outfit.

What are the two main ways to achieve this styling goal?

Aesthetic clothes don't just happen. They are a cleverly selected range of clothing, bags and shoes that co-ordinate.

#1. The Style By Chance Method

First, there is Rita, she looks through a busy wardrobe, 'oh' she thinks to herself, I don't remember buying that? New with tags is not a rarity in her wardrobe. Rita is obsessed with clothes, she is ready to buy in sale and shops frequently. She finds clothes irresistible, she shops on a whim and is constantly buying clothes because she might wear them one day. She spends a lot of money on her wardrobe and it takes her equally as much time to style her daily outfits. Her shopping sprees make her feel excited, looking at a sea of clothes makes her frustrated and often with a large credit card.

#2. The Capsule Wardrobe Method

Secondly, we have Stephanie, a capsule wardrobe newbie. Her life has been transformed. She used to be like Rita but having discovered a new way, the capsule wardrobe method her style has change. She no longer spends too much on clothes. Stephanie has more to wear as she purpose buys to fill her formulaic wardrobe. She knows what works for her, suits her and makes her feel good. She can style outfits quicker than she ever thought possible. With confidence, she knows her outfits suit her, people tell her so. She just got a new job, she feels good and in control of her style. She also knows that her capsule wardrobe is keeping unwanted clothes out fo landfill.

You want to be like Stephanie, you don't want to get stuck buying miscellaneous clothing, shoes and bag that won't get worn.

So where do you go from here?

 How To Put Together Aesthetic Outfits

We know how you feel...

  • You don’t want to spend your whole life wishing you looked more stylish and thinking you don't have what it takes. The concept of a capsule wardrobe could work for you, it sounds like a pretty good strategy
  • You aren’t sure what clothes to buy or which clothes you need. You don’t have a capsule wardrobe, or maybe you have one but you don’t quite understand how it works.
  • You’re sick of your stye getting you down other people look stylish, why can't you too. You’re starting to feel discouraged especially when you look at Instagram.
  • You feel like you're out fo your depth when it comes to style and looking stylish. You’re ready to ditch feeling this way and “unlock” a new stylish you.
  • You’d love to look and feel stylish, but it feels like you’re missing something. Sometimes you wonder if a style you love is possible for you.


Outfit Aesthetic

You’re in the right place

"Okay... thank you for all this information, but I have a unique style I am trying to create, am I in the right place?"


"You are."
No matter what fashion ideas you have in mind for your style they will work. You can create your own bohemian and indie outfits, 90s fashion or a vintage outfit style. The capsule wardrobe method works no matter what style you choose. Choose the style and stick with it.
I’m Harper (I run things over here at OwnMuse). I work like crazy to create a little place on the internet that helps combine a budget-conscious, sustainable life with style and energy. Supporting you, to live the best life you can while helping the planet through ecological choices, every day.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please see the disclosure for more information.

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