Mineral Makeup Brands - (Natural Minerals Makeup) Which Should I Use?

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Natural Makeup - eco -Mineral Foundation

What Natural Eco Mineral Makeup Should I Use?

I have been using Eco Minerals Make-up for a few years now! 

I absolutely love Mineral Makeup!

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How do you use Mineral Makeup?
I apply a little Jojoba oil to my face as a base then sprinkle the vegan mineral powder on the palm of my hand. I pump a few drops of Jojoba oil and mix to a fresh liquid foundation.
You can use dry as a powder or as a liquid foundation. Which ever suits your beaut routine.

I combine two Eco Mineral Foundations on my face and use a  third for highlighting my cheeks and eyelids.

You can use moisturise or any face oils to mix your mineral foundation. My daughter is currently using PAI SKINCARE 'The Anthemis' - Chamomile & Rosehip Soothing Moisturizer with exception results for young skin.


Natural Makeup

Which natural makeup should you use?
I had previously tried several natural foundations, yet none had given me the full coverage foundation results I was accustom too. I recommend and use ECO Minerals.
Where do I find natural makeup brands that work?
My extensive clean beauty researching lead me to discover an Australia 100% natural mineral makeup brand, ECO Minerals. 

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ECO Minerals - Vegan Natural Makeup

These work best when mixed as you apply!

# 1: Flawless Skin Foundation

A long-wearing mineral foundation contains SPF 25+ protection and is formulated to give a matte finish. Ideal for normal, combination and oily skin types. Easily builds to full coverage.

natural makeup-ECO Minerals - Flawless Mineral Foundation

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Combine with
#2: Perfection Foundation

Creates a fresh, lightweight and natural finish, contains has SPF 25+ protection and is long-wearing.
SHOP NOWnatural makeup-ECO Minerals - Perfection Foundation

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"The magic of Eco Minerals lies in our clear intention to create beautiful,
pure products that are eco-friendly and cruelty-free,
that look and feel simply PERFECT on your skin."
- Lulu Starman ECO Minerals creator.

ECO Minerals is a 100% natural ingredients natural beauty brand. All products are ethically sourced and handmade in Australia. Read more about ECO Minerals ingredients.
Products contain no fillers, no parabens, no chemical preservatives and no palm oil. Completely 100% pure natural minerals. Eco Minerals creates mineral foundations, bronzers and blushes by hand.
What is vegan makeup?
Vegan makeup or vegan beauty means it contains no animal-derived ingredients, it is not tested on animals. By law (hopefully, this will change soon) any products sold in China are required to be tested on animals. Many beauty brands will not sell their products in China. OwnMuse urges you to know more about the brands you support.
How do you use and apply a loose mineral foundation?
To obtain a light to full coverage natural foundation finish you build up the layers as you apply the makeup. Use as a powder directly on to your skin or add a spray of water, toner, face oil or moisturiser to create a liquid foundation.
Shopping Tip: I was in fact a darker shade than I had expected. 
What if the colour isn't right for you?
Eco Minerals products - whether purchased online or in-store, are 100% colour match guaranteed.  Contact them via email with details of your product purchased and comments about colour (too yellow, too dark etc) and they will then organise a replacement. 

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Mineral makeup

What is mineral makeup?
Mineral makeup contains anti-irritation ingredients (like zinc) that are gentler on your skin, leading to fewer breakouts. Mineral makeup won't clog your pores like traditional makeup.
ECO Mineral's makeup consists of four 100% pure natural minerals, zinc oxide, to calm skin, iron oxide, to give pigment (or provide colour), titanium dioxide, for sun protection and coverage and mica, for a beautiful finish and texture.
All minerals are ethically sourced. Why do beauty minerals need to be ethically sourced? Read more here...
How do you use mineral makeup?
You mix the foundation daily, this in its self resonated. As careful as I am to always wash my hands before applying makeup this routine was a more definitely means of keeping blemish-causing bacteria from breeding in your makeup.
For light to full coverage build up the layers of the loose mineral powder. You can apply as a powder directly on to your skin or add a spray of water or toner on to your brush to create a liquid foundation.

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How to Apply Natural Makeup?

1. When I combine one each of the above products I achieve a balanced complexion.
2. Adding a little oil I like Jojoba oil in the palm of my hand I then sprinkle on the mineral powder. 
3. I work in to a foundation liquid and apply.
4. I then use the other mineral powder to go over the top. I find this combination creates a very successful balanced complexion.

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There is no going back, choose to support natural, ethical and sustainable beauty brands.
Choose to better your ecological foot-print.
Choose to put fewer chemicals in and on your skin.
Unite and make a difference.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please see the disclosure for more information.

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