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To answer some e-commerce and blogging related questions: 

What e-commerce resources are used to create

What e-commerce and blogging programs does recommend?

With the aim of helping others and sharing the love in the online, e-commerce and blogging spheres, I compiled:


A list of resources that are key to helping you succeed online.

You can save hundreds of dollars through these links as they contain free and discount opportunities.

There are some affiliate links below and I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post, these are all products I highly recommend, I use them. 

Let's get going...




A 'genius' social media automated service, Pinterest and Instagram approved.

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Why I love it:
It works: I only wish I hadn't waited as long as I did to use Tailwind. I read paid courses and tried manual pinning - but when I started using Tailwind my Pinterest skyrocketed. 110k and counting, thank you Tailwind!
Minimal effort and huge time saver: Tailwind is easy to use and saves me so much time and effort its hard to emphasise that enough - it saves me SO much time!
I didn't get it myself until I started using this program and wow - so satisfying, it's a virtual assistant helping you with your social media.
Passive Pinning and Posting: Tailwind determines the best time to pin on Pinterest and post on Instagram and does so for you - while you write blog posts, clean, cook, see friends, while you are sleeping - Tailwind is working hard for you!
Basic and complex analytics: Incredibly helpful stats which give you a clear understanding of what pins and posts are working - and those that aren't. 
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Email marketing for bloggers and creatives.

FREE access to ConvertKit for 30-days click here to take a look. logo
Why I love it.
Customer service: They are always around to help - Convertkit makes contacting them effortlessly, they give you a solution fast, clearly outline how-to resolve an issue without any grief.
Tagging and segmentation: Designed for bloggers - the layout, wording, functionality and usability are all with a creative mind being the focal point, it's not cluttered with confusion.
Welcome sequence and sales funnels: Be your own marketing and strategy genius, see the results roll in.
Beginner to expert: You can learn as you go, their flowchart design is super easy to understand. Have an idea but not sure how to engineer it? Just ask them.
There are endless possibilities and so far no spam - I am loving and super impressed with Convertkit.
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Sell anything online, from owning an online store to selling on Facebook and other social media platforms.

14-days FREE no credit card required, click here to take a look.
You can use Shopify to see on social media for as low as $9/month logo

Why I love it.
Basic and Advanced options: You can use a little or a lot of coding knowledge to customize your creation, this is not needed but the option is there.
Beautiful and responsive templates: Shopify offers free templates that require no design skills and give you complete control. 
Customer service: They are always around to help - there are also forums. Any question I have I add it to Google with the word Shopify and the answer pops up. 
Plugins: There is a huge selection of plugins for absolutely everything you can think of you might need.
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Pic Monkey

Edit photos and design layouts, creative expertise without needing experience.

7-days FREE trial, click here to take a look.
Cheap and affordable $8.99/month + storage included logo

Why I love it.
Basic to advanced: If you have a creative idea and don't have the technical no how then PicMonkey is a dream.
If you have creative expertise but need something quick for social media then PicMonkey is for you.
User-friendly: No time is needed to learn, jump straight in and start doing, its that easy!
Edit photos, change your photos into illustrations, collage, design layouts - the list of creative design options are endless.
Fast: Get what you need, how you need it - fast.
Templates: Creative templates, made for social media. Get a professional result, pronto.
I could keep listing reasons why you should check it out or you could just get to it!.
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The number one recommended WordPress hosting site for bloggers. 

30-day money back guaranteed, click here to take a look
Affordable rates starting as low as $2.75/month

bluehost logo - web hosting

Why I love it.
Customer Care: A main focus of Bluehost they offer an incredible 24/7 expert support team.
Affordable: Their very low hosting offer of $2.75 a month with a money back guarantee!
No brainer: Time is money, don't spend your precious time sourcing another WordPress hosting company - Bluehost are the best,
Secure: Your hosting comes with a verified SSL certificate ensuring extras security.
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Sell anything online, from owning your an online store to selling on Facebook and other social media platforms.

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Why I love it.
User-friendly: I am able to do many things but an accountant is not high on my list of abilities. 
Freshbooks is life changing. Recommended to me by a financial whiz of a friend I thought err umm?? But it's so painlessly easy to navigate.
Makes getting paid easy: Only 50c per transaction versus the 2-6% cut that PayPal charges.
Keeps track: Invoices, expenses, travel, advertising contractors, education, affiliates - on and on, life-changing financial software.
Estimates and predicts: Plan your expenses in advance, Freshbooks can help you estimate your invoices cost and revenue ahead of time.
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Online courses created and sold by you to inform and teach others.

30-day money back guaranteed, click here to take a look. Affordable rates starting as low as $2.75/month logo 

Why I love it.
Empowering: There is a rush of achievement at the thought of creating a course that other people would pay money for. Sharing your hard earned knowledge - how exciting.
Design and Layout: Clear, concise, well-conceived - Teachable creates a design layout for your courses which make learning fun.
Functionality: Straightforward for you to create and easy for your students to use. 
Community: Creating online courses is a great source of passive income but it also is a brilliant way to create a community and get your brand noticed and recognised.
Payment system: Teachable makes getting paid a breeze and they don't take a huge chunk of your earnings. Sure you love to teach and create courses but it's nice to make some money too.
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There you have it,


Your masterpiece e-commerce and blogging programs resource list.


Have a fabulous day

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This post may contain affiliate links. Please see the disclosure for more information.

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