Top 5 Ethical brands - How to buy better fashion basics

Harper Sinclair by Harper Sinclair

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Hi Friends,
Today's focus is on how to create a capsule wardrobe of fashion basics using ethical brands. Several readers have voiced they would like to maintain a wardrobe that is fair-trade, eco-friendly and sustainable.
It's not always possible to stock your wardrobe with only sustainable fashion - though be reassured that every little bit counts. Evert time you invest in capsule wardrobe piece that is kinder and more considerate to the workers and our planet, together are making a big difference. top 5 ethical brands to help you stock up on capsule wardrobe basics.


Ethics | 100% eco-certified, their goal is to minimalize the impact of fabrics on the environment, workers and body.
Product Range | Women’s apparel basics, underwear & fitness wear
I absolutely adore Organic Basics for their stylish and high-quality organic fashion basics. Organic Basics are a sustainable fashion brand designed in Copenhagen who create fashion essentials made to last. Click this link to shop Organic Basics.

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Ethics | Fair wages, work conditions and making clothes that last
Product Range | Women’s apparel, denim, shoes, bags, jewellery
Honest and transparent in every respect, Everlane even disclose their profit margins. They supply the consumer with made to last, quality garments. All fashion pieces are created in ethical highly sort after, research factories from around the world. They believe they can make a difference - know your money is well spent with Everlance. Below are some of our OwnMuse favourites.


Ethics | Female workers in Peru, fair work practices
Product Range | Women’s apparel, denim, shoes, bags, jewellery
A sustainable fashion brand who believes that building a brand that gives back to the community through fair trade working conditions. ABLE wants to help support women in poverty by providing the empowering opportunity of employment, releasing them from being dependant on charities. 


Ethics | Eco-friendly packaging, organic cotton, member of fair work
Product Range | Women’s apparel and accessories
Alternative Apparel uses oxo-biodegradable mailer bags and has created a vendor recycling program. Garments are created with sustainable materials and they are a member of the fair workers association. Fabrics are organic cotton and recycled Polyester produced using low impact dyes. They believe in being mindful of fashions impact on the planet and its people.


Ethics | Ethically made, pro-social, green infustructure and eco-friendly
Product Range | Women’s apparel and accessories
Reformation is sustainable in everything they create. Their factories are eco-friendly and pro-social and they invest in green infrastructure. They use a mix of repurposed vintage fabrics, sustainable Tencel which has far less impact on resources compared to cotton. Tencel uses no pesticides or insecticides, and 99% of the non-toxic solvent is recycled back into production.

Whether it's a little or A LOT we are all consumers at some point. Being mindful and ethnically aware of what we consume is a great starting point. 

It's ok to slowly implement stages of ethical consuming into your buying habits, organisation and lifestyle. A little here and there is better than not being mindful at all.

Being brand conscious is buying better.

The aim of this post is to introduce alternative sustainable appeal options for creating your capsule wardrobe. 
I hope through sharing this post it helps you feel good and look good ethically without breaking the bank. It's not always possible but as we have discussed being an ethically aware consumer makes a difference.
Please email me if you have any questions and/or would like to connect.
Happy organising.

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