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Own Muse chats with Elisabeth Vestli, Creative Director of Scandinavian fashion label Too Damn Expensive about inspiration, motivation & life in Norway.

Too Damn Expensive editorial layout Own Muse - designer Elisabeth Vestli

Started in 2014 and now in its 7th collection is 'Too Damn Expensive' the brainchild of Elisabeth Vesti. Elisabeth's signature style, mantra, and head for business is clear. She is quick to respond to our correspondence, articulate and has a strong social media presence. Her Instagram @chrlieblck is playful and incorporates a healthy mix of inspiration along with her fashion creations. 

Highly sought after designs; you have to be quick, pieces sell out fast from unique online boutiques such as runwaypassport.com

Too Damn Expensive fashion label inspiration imagesElisabeth's designs are sharp, comfy and timeless, they make you look and feel your best and enhance your personal style and identity. Pieces are trans-seasonal, built to last and made from environmentally regenerated fabrics. 

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Q&A with Elisabeth from Too Damn Expensive:

OM: What is your morning routine? EV: Well I get up (not early if I don't have to, I am not a morning person) throw on my robe, grabs my muesli, green tea or caffe latte and get behind the computer and that is where I will be usually for the rest of the day and well into the evening.

"So what usually happens is that I realize that it is dark out and I am still in my Hugh Hefner attire."

OM: What is the one wardrobe item you can't live without? EV: My favourite item would be the blazer! I always have one or more variation of the blazer in my collections.

If you are having a bad day and feel that you have nothing to wear, the blazer always saves you. Just combine it with your favorite jeans, a tee, and some heels and you are good to go and ready for anything!

OM: How would you describe your style? EV: I usually always dress in black, white or grey. And I mostly wear pants or shorts, I am not much of a dress or skirt person, it does happen sometimes though.

I think my mood usually dictates my dressing and I like simple quality garments with an interesting design twist.

“I like to feel good and confident with what I am wearing, that is the most important thing to me because I think if you feel better, you do better!”

Too Damn Expensive editorial layout OwnMus - Fashion collection


OM: Where do you source your inspiration from? EV: Where the inspiration comes from is hard to say. I find shapes inspiring in general, that can be all kinds of shapes from architecture or just objects. Aside from that I usually like to work the same way, or at least I have done it so far. Which is to work with different geometrical shapes, and design and construct them together. I like the contrast of taking something as strict as a square and make it organic and fluid with help of construction and fabric.

Too Damn Expensive editorial layout Own Muse - Designer Elisabeth Vestli Travel spots

OM: You have spent time in Malaysia recently for the Malaysian Fashion Week, where else have you travelled or aspire to? EV: I find almost all travels inspiring one way or another, as you I think you always learn new things.  One my favourite places will always be New York, as I also lived there for a while.

But for the last two years, I have developed an Asia-crush, I really like China and Hong Kong, and on the top of my travel list now is South Korea.

Q&A with Elisabeth Vestli from Too Damn Expensive fashion label - Travel hotspots

OM: What are your top 5 things to pack when traveling? EV: I am terrible at packing! I bring too much of everything. That is actually one of the reasons I started designing clothes that can be used different ways, and day to night.

So I am better at it now, I usually bring a lot of my own designs, as they are versatile so I don’t have to bring as much.

OM: How do you relax? EV: One of two ways, either Netflix in a horizontal position or having wine with some of my friends, both options reset the brain.

Interview & Creative by Bec from OwnMuse

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