The Art Of Style - Your 10 Inspirational Rules


the art of style an instagram inspired blog post ownmuse

1. Wear what makes you feel happy, don't listen to others.

2. It's ok to be different. Wear what is right for you. 

3. Don't look like everyone else. 

4. Be real, be genuine.

5. No need to be too serious, but don't show off.

6. Remember the magic of dressing up as a child? It's ok to recreate that magic as an adult. 

7. Believe in yourself and be proud of who you are and what you have achieved, this will shine through in your style.

8. Don't think anyone is better than you. 

9. If something makes you feel excited when you wear it, enjoy the thrill.

10. Be who you want to be, style can change from day to day depending on your mood and that's ok.

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