How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe. Will it work for you?


Yes, building a capsule wardrobe will work for you, keep reading and I will explain how and why.

Minimalism and Creating a Capsule Wardrobe. Will it work for you?

Even Fashion Insiders Need Capsule Wardrobes

For many years I worked at then Vogue, I have spent all of my working life in fashion. I have a deep and respectful love of fashion and style. I have owned a lot of clothes, accessories and shoes. I remember the clothes that filled my wardrobe and drawers, often made me feel frustrated, in despair.
How could I have all these incredible clothes that individually I liked or even loved but they didn't work together? All these pieces that didn't coordinate. I was missing all the pieces I actually needed to make my day to day outfits work.
Whether you work in the fashion industry or have no idea about fashion - A capsule wardrobe will work for you.

How building a capsule wardrobe will work for you 

Minimalism and Creating a Capsule Wardrobe. Will it work for you?

Style is a powerful and a huge confidence boost. Embrace looking good, here is your how to look more stylish answer - create a capsule wardrobe.
It's about loving everything you own rather than half-heartedly liking a lot of things.

Why is creating a capsule wardrobe the answer to look stylish?

Audit Time Baby

A wardrobe audit for one means you are clearing out all those clothes you kind of like, maybe they are snagged, saggy, loose, too tight, there is a hole, they smell, they itch, they never made you feel good. Get it, you have these items sit their your wardrobe starring you in the face - every day. They are pulling you down, they are making you feel excited to see them. Move them on, time to recycle. This being said I am a huge fan or vintage and second-hand designer clothes and accessories.

Overlooked Basics

Do you own all the fundamental key basics that are necessary for your everyday outfit inspiration?
Buying a range of basics that maybe you had previously overlooked is an important style solution. These basics will create a new way to pull your whole outfit together. Key fashion pieces that make getting dressed each morning fun and a success. It's time to leave the days of wardrobe frustration behind you. 
Minimalism and Creating a Capsule Wardrobe. Will it work for you?

Method and Formula

When creating a capsule wardrobe there is a process to follow. You can check out these capsule wardrobes for ideas.
The perfect starting point: Essential 20 pieces Capsule Wardrobe Checklist.

Relief and Gratification

We live in a consumer based and chaotically busy world, often with houses filled to the brim. Simplifying your wardrobe is giving you control. There is a rhyme to this reason, balance and harmony in your life will flow from you controlling your wardrobe. 
Any doubts? Give it go.

The Power of Letting Go

Make a conscious decision to downsize your purchasing and existing possessions. Hold on to items only that hold a deep necessity to your life. Make sure you have the key basics in your wardrobe or you will be overwhelmed by clothes that do not work together.
I am not a complete eco-warrior (I wish) I love fast fashion and as much as I am trying to step away from old habits - it's hard. It really shouldn't be but old habits die hard.
Whether it's a little or lots we are all consumers at some point. Being mindful and ethnically aware of what we consume is a great starting point. 
A starting point is your fashion basics, buying eco-fashion basics means they are made better and made to last. Now that makes sense, Minimalist Eco-Fashion Capsule Wardrobe Basics Made to Last.
Slowly implementing stages of minimalism and mindfulness into your buying habits, organisation and lifestyle will make a big difference, a little here and there is better than not being mindful at all.

Be brand conscious

Do you know the ethics behind the brands you are supporting? Are you giving your hard earned money to brands who are making large profit margins and denying their staff a fair wage? Are you supporting brands that are hurting the planet and resources? Are you clothes made to last, or are you spending money on cheap clothes that won't last you a few weeks? Being brand conscious means you are spending your money on clothes that will last.

Buy better

The key is when you get the urge to shop shifting your buying focus from buying one-off pieces just because to buying pieces that serve a purpose. Start to see clothes and accessories for there qualities - the look, feel and the need for them. 
Ask yourself these questions - or make up some of your own:
  • Do I like the feel of the fabric?
  • Does this cut suit my body shape?
  • Do I feel I look good?
If the answer is no, don't keep it. Sell, Rework, Donate or Bin.


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Happy organising.

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