Capsule Wardrobe Core Monochrome Grey Basics + Grey Style Essentials

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Grey Or Is It Gray? Where I am from its grey. No matter - grey is a stylish choice as your monochromic wardrobe base colour.
Is grey your base colour? 
Grey makes an incredibly good start to your day. Grey is the ideal base for your wardrobe.
The meaning of the colour grey? Grey is often considered reserved and calm. Grey is perfectly energized with complimentary colours from black and white. To a more dramatic touch of blue, green, mauve or pink
It's a colour that can be dressed up and down. It's a colour with endless styling possibilities. 

How to wear grey

  • Mix up to 4 colours into your grey capsule wardrobe.
  • Combine textures and different weight fabrics.
  • Consider cut and how fabrics sit on your body.
  • Do you like how the garment of accessory makes you feel? 

OwnMuse Grey Capsule Wardrobe Edits

3.1 phillip lim - Gray grey lofty pullover sweater jumper

Lofty sweater | 3.1 PHILLIP LIM


Raeburn - Nasa space grey knee-length skirt
NASA space skirt | RAEBURN


Louise - Grey knitted stretch dress with collar

Stretch knit dress | LOUISE


St John - Grey gray coat embroidered silk organza topper

Embroidered silk organza topper coat | ST JOHN


Sea - Wide-leg grey gray cropped trousers pants own muse
Wide-leg trousers | SEA


 Fabiana Filippi - Grey boatneck cashmere blend sweater jumper

Boatneck cashmere blend sweater | FABIANA FILIPPI


JSLIDES - Grey gray shoes knit platform bootie sock

Knit platform bootie shoes | JSLIDES


The Row - cashmere grey gray sweater jumper
Cashmere sweater | THE ROW

Isabel Marant - grey gray top
Sculptural Top | ISABEL MARANT

Alaïa - Grey gray skater dress a-Line

Skater dress | ALAÏA

 Superdry - grey gray marle joggers trackie track  suits pants own muse

Marle Joggers | SUPERDRY


Superdry - pia nep cable cape sweater jumper
Cable knit sweater | SUPERDRY
Embrace a love of grey in your wardrobe. It's that practical feel-good colour you know you will wear and be happy with day after day.
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This post may contain affiliate links. Please see the disclosure for more information.

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