2018 - The New You Year

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The close of 2017 brought in a crucial mix of meditation and mindful yoga to get us to the finish line, with tremendous relief we emerged in 2018, rejuvenated and ready for a fresh start.

Keep reading as we map out our 2018 plan for maintaining your rejuvenated self, being healthier, happier, relaxed and energized through the year to come.

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Shy of a financial blow out too early in the New Year, invest in stylish new workout clothes that fit your budget. Styling yourself right is a great motivator for achieving an active lifestyle, there is a better chance you will achieve your goals to exercise, stretch, meditate or even clean the house if you are dressed too.

Bonus points: Take the plunge and include swimwear in your retail therapy, whether it's at your local pool, beach or lake you'll be rewarded with a happier mind and toned body.

🖤 Goal achieving style: Speedo 'Endurance Contour Clipback One Piece', The Upside 'NYC cropped performance leggings', Pepper & Mayne 'Racer-back ombré compression performance tank top', Nike 'Sparkle Pro Warm printed Dri-FIT stretch-jersey top', Adidas by Stella McCartney 'Yoga Ultimate leggings' 

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Make exercising fun and involve others, sit-ups are easier when counting down in a group. Lack of friends with an exercise schedule that coordinates with your own? Nice try... Switch on the TV, a podcast or use an app to motivate youself, making sure its a reward based use and not a distraction. 

Bonus points: Squeeze your buttocks as you walk around the house, take the stairs at work rather than the lift, get your cleaning buzz on - every bit counts, don't be lazy - get up and get going.

🖤 Exercise enhancing favourites: Plum 'Space Zone V3 Trampoline', FitBark 'Dog Activity Monitor', Intempo 'Bluetooth Melody Headphones', Bowern 'Fine Lines Yoga Mat', Fitbit 'Fitbit Charge 2™'

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The magical time of day that is dusk; is quieter and more likely to involved soul time. There is something tranquil about the close of a day that isn't quite the night that rejuvenates the mind and spirit. It's a wonderful time to plan, set goals and unwind. Making for a relaxing and heart-filled evening. 

Bonus points: Take a shower or immerse yourself in water after your soul time. Cleansing and detoxing the day, leaving behind that which should be left behind and only taking the positive into your evening space.

🖤 Sneakers to get you walking: Asics 'Gel Leather Sneakers', Nike 'Air Zoom Pegasus Sneaker', Adidas Originals 'Pharrell Williams Primeknit Sneakers', Nike 'Beautiful X Power Air Max 95 Sneakers', APL Athletic Propulsion Labs ' TechLoom Pro Mesh Sneakers'.

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Yes, we are breathing all day and night, but stop for a minute and actually take a breath.... ready go... deep breath in... and hold for 5 seconds... deep breath out 5 seconds and repeat. Now close your eyes and do it again. Possibly this is 5 minutes, maybe its a lot more, realistically this can be done through the day at small intervals in any private space, which includes private facilites - no excuses. 

Bonus points: Envisage a shape as you breathe, drawing it over and over in your mind, this will enable deeper focus and energy to be released.

🖤 Meditation tool kit: Emily Silva ' Moonlight Gratitude', Rituals 'Incense Candle', Gorjana 'Gemstone Bracelet For Focus', NO KA’OI 'Yoga Mat', Shemana 'Shaman Mist'

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Read books that are motivating and inspiring, this will flow through you and resonate in your overall wellbeing. 

Bonus points: Write down a positive mantra, affirmation or experience each day or better still text it to a friend in the hope they will return the positive energy. 

🖤 Words to live by: Pinetti 'Siviglia Leather Journal', David Romtvedt 'Certainty', Little Book of Mindful Travel', Gray Malin 'Escape", Dominique Loreau 'L’art de la Simplicite'

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